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This page is about content from Prehistoric Rift.

The Utahraptor is a creature from Prehistoric Rift.

Journal Transcript[]

"Utahraptors are predators that form loose packs to hunt mobs since it seems like they know that there's strength in numbers. They usually prefer the plains biomes, but they will ambush prey that step into the forests they call home. Their main weapon is the sickle claw on their foot which they use to slice open the neck of their prey, or cling onto them to damage them.

To gain their trust is a really big deal, as they're commonly believed to be very vicious when really it's possible to reason with them to some degree. Once you give them some food, they'll eventually trust you and not even attack you unless you decide to attack back. What's even a bigger deal is to raise one, as they're really mobile and their ability to climb and pounce on prey can come in handy."

Behavior (Wild)[]

Utahraptors are usually found in groups, though they may be also spotted on their own. They're frail, but they're way faster than many other mobs in the game and they are also agile. They can climb up walls, leap at their targets from afar, and sometimes, perform a pack buff to boost all nearby wild Utahraptors. This pack buff applies swiftness 3 and strength 3.


Utahraptors can be serious pests especially in the early game. They deal quite some damage and have low health, but are fast and attack quick. Be careful of packs however as that's where they're at their strongest.

They're very easy to deal with once you obtain some iron gear and even a shield, and once you tame a creature that can attack, you can quickly squash them as if they were an ant.


To tame a Utahraptor, you must sneak while holding flesh treats, then give it to them to make them eventually trust you. Once they trust you, they will not attack you, though be careful as they might fight back. You then need to give them flesh treats every 10 seconds, which is indicated by an icon above them. Eventually, you will be able to tame them. You can then give them any form of meat to make them grow up and heal them.


Utahraptors are the fastest mount in the addon, which makes them useful for land navigation. This is exacerbated by their ability to climb, which one can trigger by pressing and holding jump while looking up and being next to a climbable block, and disable by looking down while pressing jump.

Utahraptors are somewhat easy to tame. You can eventually tame a whole army of them so that you can use the pack buff ability to make them all shred larger creatures easily. Of course some of them may die, but whatever.

Whenever a Utahraptor falls, they will deal damage to whatever they will come in contact with. Regardless of how far they fell off, they will do 12 damage.

Their swiftness makes them good for a hit and run style attack, but you should watch out for their health as they are very fragile.

Command Staff Abilities[]

  • Slash
    • Standard slash attack. Does 12 damage. Creatures killed by this will drop additional meat
  • Pack Buff
    • Makes the Utahraptor apply Strength 3 and Swiftness 3 on all nearby tamed Utahraptors including itself. Effects last for 90 seconds


Update History[]

Version Changes
  • Added to the addon
  • Were only tameable as babies, which only spawn in forests
  • Adults can be made to trust the player, but this doesn't do much
  • Utahraptor Packs existed, which would spawn 3 regular raptors and one pack leader
  • They now have a command staff ability where they can give other tamed Utahraptors a pack bonus to give them swiftness and strength
    • In the wild, pack leaders can only use the pack buff
  • Wild Utahraptor pack leaders will use the pack buff ability upon detecting a target
  • Spawn rates for Utahraptor packs has been reduced
  • Utahraptors (and baby utahs) will now spawn in jungle biomes
  • Baby Utahraptors are no longer capable of climbing
  • Can now lay eggs
  • Baby Utahraptors no longer spawn in the wild
  • Now require a saddle to activate their command staff or harvest staff ability when tamed
  • Will now be extremely passive and will not react when attacked unless commanded to attack by their owner when tamed
  • Will no longer go after their targets when they're ridden when tamed
  • Will no longer walk into lava
  • Now have the same despawn rules as vanilla mobs when wild
  • Their spawn rules now have density limits
  • Reduced healing values and growth boost values
  • Most mobs will no longer attack players riding a mob
  • Made the hitbox larger
  • Nerfed jump strength
  • Fixed z-fighting in the legs
  • You can now climb non-transparent blocks while riding the Utah. Simply go near a climbable block, then jump. You will then cling to the block. Look up and hold jump to go up, and look down and hold jump to go down.
  • Tamed Utahraptors now require a rider to climb because it did some weird shit to how they follow the player
  • Health has been changed to 15 hearts
  • Removed Utahraptor packs and redid the wild pack buff system
  • Wild Utahraptors now have a pounce attack
  • Utahraptors now have a certain chance to knock off riders from the ff mobs when they use their pounce attack:
    • Pig
    • Horse
    • Zombie Horse
    • Skeleton Horse
    • Donkey
    • Mule
    • Strider
    • Ravager
    • Spider
    • Cave Spider
    • Triceratops
    • Parasaurolophus
    • Utahraptor
  • The chance of them knocking off a mob depends on difficulty, higher difficulty means higher chance
  • Fixed baby following other mobs
  • Can no longer be hit by their owners if tamed, requires harming potion to be killed instead
  • Now has a stab attack, pressing jump is required to change to its stab attack and vice versa
  • Can now be force fed if tamed
  • May now gain the effects of the food they were given if tamed
  • Will no longer jump or climb if the rider is holding a command staff
  • Now have a slash attack (with animation)
  • Buffed damage to 12
  • Wild Utahraptors will now come to the aid of any wild Utahraptor that is attacked or has a target
  • Fixed Utahraptor eggs not hatching
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