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This page is about content from Prehistoric Rift.

Tribute Items are a type of special item from Prehistoric Rift.


All these items are dropped by one kind of creature, and have a 12.5% of being dropped. They all serve as hunting trophies and are required to do taxidermy.


Technical Details[]

Name In-game Identifier
Tyrannosaurus Arm rift:tyrannosaurus_arm
Stegosaurus Plate rift:stegosaurus_plate
Dodo Beak rift:dodo_beak
Triceratops Horn rift:triceratops_horn
Utahraptor Claw rift:utahraptor_claw
Apatosaurus Vertebrae rift:apatosaurus_vertebrae
Parasaurolophus Horn rift:parasaurolophus_horn
Dimetrodon Sail rift:dimetrodon_sail
Coelacanth Scales rift:coelacanth_scales
Megapiranha Scales rift:megapiranha_scales
Sarcosuchus Snout rift:sarcosuchus_snout
Anomalocaris Appendage rift:anomalocaris_appendage
Saurophaganax Eye rift:saurophaganax_eye
Direwolf Tail rift:direwolf_tail
Megaloceros Antler rift:megaloceros_antler
Baryonyx Claw rift:baryonyx_claw
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