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This page is about content from Prehistoric Rift.

The Sarcosuchus is a creature from Prehistoric Rift.

Journal Transcript[]

"The Sarcosuchus is a smaller and lazier version of the Spinosaurus, except that it doesn't have the signature spine. They can either be found lying by the sides of the waters they dwell in, or hunting for food in the water. They tend to either ambush whatever steps into the water, or just go after fish.

Don't ever enter the waters they dwell in. They have a wide arsenal of attacks that show how deadly it can be.

The oceans, while rich in treasures, are also full of threats. An amphibious mount that can be found in the mainland like the Sarcosuchus is recommended to make traveling easier. The sight of it is also enough to scare away most aquatic hostile creatures, making it a safer alternative to just using a flimsy wooden boat in the swamps and the rivers."

Behavior (Wild)[]

Sarcosuchus will generally swim about looking for fish. They will never leave their waters unless they detect a valid prey item in a body of water that's not connected to the waters they dwell in. When somehow stranded on land, they will search for the nearest body of water.

When attacking, they will either use their standard bite, or a spin attack that inflicts slowness 3 on all nearby mobs for 30 seconds.


Sarcosuchuses are extremely strong carnivores and are really fast swimmers, but they become sluggish when on land. Try using this to your advantage. Beware their spin attacks however as they will hamper your speed, and are more deadly than their standard bite when they're in water. With this in mind, it is recommended that you use a ranged weapon.

If you're on a boat and you spot one and plan to attack it, LEAVE THE WATER IMMEDIATELY. It will catch up to you anyway and kill you.


To tame a Sarcosuchus, you must sneak while holding fish treats, then give it to them to make them eventually trust you. Once they trust you, they will not attack you, though be careful as they might fight back. You then need to give them flesh treats every 10 seconds, which is indicated by an icon above them. Eventually, you will be able to tame them. You can then give them any form of meat or fish to make them grow up and heal them.


Sarcosuchuses are extremely fast in water, and they're way faster than boats, making them useful for water navigation. This is helped by the fact that they can even breathe underwater. Just note that you have to give yourself conduit power or water breathing beforehand.

Sarcosuchuses are the best counter against Megapiranhas as they will try to avoid them as much as possible. You could theoretically ride one to make mining clay much easier.

In combat, their spin attacks are extremely powerful, with the additional slowness debuff it brings hampering the opponent, though beware the cooldown and their slow land speed. Prefered over Utahraptor for looting Tyrannosaurus Eggs, because same tame tier.

Command Staff Abilities[]

  • Bite
    • Standard bite attack. Does 35 damage. Creatures killed by this will drop additional meat
  • Spin
    • Inflicts slowness 3 on all nearby mobs for 30 seconds. If the Sarco is in the water it deals 35 damage, otherwise, it deals 15 damage


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