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This page is about content from Prehistoric Rift.

The Apatosaurus is a creature from Prehistoric Rift.

Journal Transcript[]

"The Apatosaurus is a really big and bulky dinosaur that can be found grazing or feeding from leaves. Oftentimes it's really oblivious to whatever may be happening in the background, which may lead it to accidentally destroying villages or aggravating other herbivores.

Provoking the thing can be extremely deadly. Its stomps are just as deadly as the bite of a Tyrannosaurus, and they're capable of destroying wooden structures with ease.

Being formidable on their own, they can be used as extremely formidable battle mounts carrying cannons, or as transporters of mobs and valuable goods."

Behavior (Wild)[]

Apatosauruses are usually found in groups or on their own. They prefer to be left alone, and if one Apatosauruses gets attacked all nearby Apatosauruses will come to aid it in defense. When they're angry, they will destroy any block they come into contact with as long as it's weaker than wood and they will do passive damage to their target when they get close (20 per tick to be exact)

Upon reaching low health, they will try to run away and will use their tail to knock back any mobs that goes in their way.

Do note that the adolescent Apatosauruses that can be found in the wild cannot be tamed and will not drop Apatosaurus Eggs


Apatosauruses are very bulky and very slow, but their slow stomp attacks can kill you regardless of whatever armor you're wearing. Typical hit and run strategies will work, though such tactics will take a while.

A tamed creature can make the process of killing them easier. Any creature that can endure a few hits from them, such as a Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, or Stegosaurus, will come in handy.


Taming the Apatosaurus requires you to go hunt wild Apatosauruses for a 12.5% chance to get their egg. Once you get one, you have to place them in a warm biome or near a Dimetrodon in flame mode to hatch them. Once they hatch, you should give them leafy treats, grassy treats, or berry treats. You can then use any form of leaves, grass, or berries to make them grow up and heal them.

Do note that unlike most creatures, the Apatosaurus requires an Apatosaurus Platform to be ridden instead of a normal saddle.


Apatosauruses have the highest healthpool and highest damage output amongst all the creatures in the addon, but they are hindered by their slow movement and attack speed. The special platform it has instead of the regular saddle makes up for those. Players can place either a Cannon, Mortar, or Catapult on the platform and load them with their respective ammunition to attack from afar. To use the weapon, a Command Console must be used. Cannons and catapults can fire in the direction you're looking at, while mortars target the closest creature from the Apatosaurus within a 16 - 64 block radius. Whatever weapon you choose is up to the player's preferences. A wrench can be used to remove whatever weapon has been loaded on the back of the Apatosaurus.

Apatosauruses are effective at clearing out forests as they can destroy nearly any block they walk into as long as it's weaker than wood, and their ability to smash smaller mobs by walking over them makes it even more handy, as long as you don't anger a parent by smashing their baby.

Command Staff Abilities[]

  • Smash
    • Standard smash attack. Does 80 damage
  • Tail Whip
    • Knocks back mobs with its tail. Does 2 damage
  • Bulldoze
    • Jump and hold while holding the command staff to activate
    • Destroys nearby blocks and smash smaller mobs for as long as it is being held

Harvest Staff Collectibles[]

Unlike most creatures with a Harvest Staff ability, you only need to tap and hold/right click and hold with the harvest staff in your hand to trigger it. It will be able to harvest the ff:

  • Logs
  • Planks
  • Leaves
  • Netherwart


Update History[]

Version Changes
  • Added to the addon
  • Dealt 35 damage
  • Its platform used to have cannons preattached to it, and had unlimited cannon ammo
  • You now need to fill up the cannons on its back with cannonballs in order to fire them by right clicking/long tapping and sneaking
  • The cannons can store up to 24 cannonballs
  • Can no longer be hit by their owners if tamed, requires harming potion to be killed instead
  • Now has a stomp attack, pressing jump is required to change to its stab attack and vice versa
  • Can now be force fed if tamed
  • May now gain the effects of the food they were given if tamed
  • Buffed damage to 45
  • Cannons are removed from their platforms, you now have to manually attach them to an Apatosaurus with an Apatosaurus Platform
  • Wild Apatosauruses will now damage any mob they walk into if its a target
  • Mortars can now be attached to their platforms
  • Fixed wild Apatosauruses having platforms on them for no apparent reason
  • You can now equip catapults on them if they have a platform
  • Buffed damage to 80
  • Can now destroy all wooden furniture


  • There is a bug that makes it so that when you place something in the inventory of an Apatosaurus, the platform disappears and it becomes impossible to use any command staff abilities. This can be fixed by restarting the world
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